DC and Conference VI

Finally we come to the actual conference to set up and get ready!  I was so proud that TWO of Shadoe Publishing’s authors Chris Parsons and Maria Ayala were up for awards, after all we had Genta Sebastian WIN last year!  I think the booth turned out pretty well!

I’d forgotten to pack the cord for the television so that was an iffy proposition and despite the help of various people, I just put it back in my room.

Still, it was a striking display and with 92 or 93 covers displayed in various forms, I think we represented the Shadoe Publishing stable of authors very well!

I had a reading that afternoon that I thought I was ready for but found I must have missed some of the emails, my fault, not anyone elses.  Still, I was lucky I brought more to read from DOCTORED than I needed, and then found, I needed it!  If anyone has pictures of our readings, please send them to me!  This is me from last year:Reading of Ships

It was an interesting group and I really love the questions and answers afterwards from truly interested readers and writers.  Thank you all for that experience!

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!  Meanwhile check out my latest releases at www.kannemeinel.com!


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