DC and Conference V

The night tour was simply fabulous, mystic, and the knowledge this guy imparted incredible.  I can’t recommend it enough.  We did have one incident though.  He couldn’t ride up to the White House though as they had the street blocked off for security and right after the Fourth, that was understandable.  Since I had never seen the White House in person, only on TV or in movies, this was something I would not miss.  Um, and then…

We were walking up the street on sidewalk, the three of us abreast and didn’t realize we had walked OFF the sidewalk into the street when out of NOWHERE a Secret Service person got out of a big SUV to yell at us to GET BACK ON THE SIDEWALK.  Um, yes SIR!  We laughed it off but the wheels were already turning in my author’s mind.  The call to Judy at GCLS that we were arrested by the Secret Service and they wouldn’t let us go without supervision.  Yes, that would have made a splash all over the con.

Before we could get to The White House, they turned OFF the lights, sigh.  So here is my only picture:20160705_235012Isn’t it magnificent?  Bahahahahha, this could only happen to ME!

Just down the street though was the fabulous hotel where all the president-elects stayed and the pedicab driver gave us some wonderful history. The Willard Intercontinental Apparently Lincoln ran out of money and had to give an IOU to pay HIS bill.  Man, could these people DRINK!20160706_000908

We took a regular cab back to the hotel and collapsed, EXHAUSTED, on the beds, our dinner arrived (it was about 1:30 in the morning at this point) and we watched some DVD’s I had brought!

Check out the continuing saga on my next blog!  Meanwhile, go READ!  WWW.KANNEMEINEL.COM


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