DC and Conference IV

Taking a night tour had been Judy’s suggestion.  Seeing the capital lit up at night was special.  Taking a pedi-cab tour was Sue Ellen’s idea and inspired.  The three of us set off but we should have called ahead, my fault, I just assumed everything was 24-hour.  We called when we got back in front of the Smithsonian to wait for the guy to arrive.  But, this was our view so not wasted on this architecture loving gal:20160705_205533Simply, BEAUTIFUL!

The Pedi-Cab Tour was inspiring.  The guy so knowledgeable and I loved that he had a good sense of history and didn’t mind sharing his knowledge.  Sue Ellen and Liz are smaller than me and at first Liz sat on both our laps but Sue Ellen ended up on my lap most of the time.  Good thing we are great friends!

My spine (sciatic nerve) began to act up so I couldn’t walk to all the sites but those I’m sharing with you are well worth seeing!  I can’t wait to go again sometime during the day!

It really was fantastic!  I hadn’t realized seeing The Lincoln Memorial would mean so much to me!

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