DC and Conference III

On the way to the Smithsonian we had to walk across the green that they are reconstructing.  Apparently this is a heartier grass that can handle the hoards of people who visit the capital.

The bad thing was that Sue Ellen’s phone slipped out of her pocket on the train and was lost, she was ‘calling’ me and walking a few feet behind me which was how we found out it was missing, panic moment!maxresdefaultFortunately an honest person found it and turned it into the authorities, apparently I was the last person she had called, so that worked out well.  Later, we went to retrieve the phone from where it was to be left (they texted us the location) and we asked at one of the kiosks where we could find this one particular one, explaining we were looking for her phone, and continued down the escalator to the trains.download  Then halfway down these LONG escalators we were hailed, the person who happened to have Sue Ellen’s phone and was taking it to lost and found, happened to be leaving at that moment and they had mentioned to her about us, what a coincidence of timing!  I called the phone, proving we were the ones looking for it, it rang in her hand, and established that it was Sue Ellen’s since her description of it didn’t satisfy the woman.  Sue Ellen pointed out the cracks in the screen that the woman hadn’t seen.  What a relief.

Meanwhile I was talking/texting with my friend Liz as we were to hang out, at first I wanted her to take the train and meet us but it was so hot, we were tired from tramping through the Smithsonians and wanted to get back to the hotel.  Upon arrival Liz and I went swimming in the hotel pool which was so nice and cool until younger people showed up and it was time for us to go.  We decided to ‘do’ Washington at night with the lights that Judy had recommended, but with a twist.  Sue Ellen had spoken to a pedicab person about doing it and it worked out to be about the same money so we decided to do that.  Check out my blog for this next adventure!

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