DC and GCLS Conference II

I finally arrived at the hotel!  What a beautiful site with its blue hue and the tower.  I’m a fan of architecture so I enjoy a nicely conceived building.  Being up on the 24th floor was fantastic, the view taking in so much of DC from my window.  I hadn’t realized I wouldn’t be in DC but really in Virginia.


It didn’t matter, I was just relieved to get there after all that driving!

By coming early I got to hang out with my friends who I was delighted to see.  My friend Sue Ellen who was manning the Shadoe Publishing booth for me at the conference arrived shortly after I had taken the entire cartload up to our room.  I had three suitcases, three totes of books, the backwall of the booth, the TV (to run our dvd on in the booth) and various other boxes, so the trolley had been FULL.  It was great timing, her arriving so soon.  Introducing her to people, exploring, we had a lot of fun!

The Fourth of July was to be celebrated in a room with a 180 degree view so we wouldn’t miss any of the fireworks but this picture that I took:13592217_1092354624170038_3930663050524346661_nwas our view.  I was hoping for at least this:13599963_1092354587503375_3640308267963571650_nbut that didn’t happen.  Still, the food and drinks were great (Sue Ellen and I had gone out and stocked up our own fridge with wine, beer, and food)  I brought along my smoothie maker and bought the fixin’s.

CaptureIt’s nice to have that little fridge in the room to make your own food and have drinks. 20160703_141041There was this cool little open air market catering to these apartment buildings across the street that we got a lot of fruit from.  It’s too darn expensive to go out to restaurants ALL the time.  Although I did have a blast going out with my friend Judy and Aschlie shopping for things she needed for the con.  I had my first Panera experience.panera-bread-400x400So, you might say they took my Panera Bread Virginity, lol

The cool thing was being invited by Karen Badger and her wife Bliss to join them to go to the Smithsonian.  We (Sue Ellen and I) had planned to go but by having someone experienced withe trains and all that it made it easier and much more fun.

I’m a bit of a rockhound (inherited from my parents) so I absolutely ADORED seeing all the beautiful gems in the Smithsonian including the Hope Diamond!  What a history THAT has!

It’s amazing to see these things I’ve always heard of in the Smithsonian.  It’s amazing how many museums constitute the impressive complex of buildings.  And it’s FREE!  Since our taxes pay for it’s upkeep.  The only thing that alarmed me was that I had a knife in my pocket that I had forgotten was there and their metal detectors didn’t catch me!  In either of the two we visited.

Tune in for another installment of my trip!  Meanwhile, check out my two BEST SELLERS and let me know what you think of them www.kannemeinel.com 



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