Washington DC or BUST…GCLS

As I finish packing up for my trip to the Golden Crown Literary SocietyGolden Crown Literary Society‘s annual conference, this year in Washington DC I find it hard to believe that another year has gone by!  I’ve published several books in that time, not only for myself but for my various authors through Shadoe Publishing!  I’ll be driving the long way from NorthCentral Wisconsin, from trees to plains, over rivers and around Great Lakes.  I love to travel and have driven literally from one end of the country to the other over the years.

This year I’m excited as I have never been to our nation’s capital.  There is so much to do and see that I’m going early to see many of the sites.  I mean really, seeing the fireworks on the Fourth of July in the capital in an election year, who could ask for more?

Well, I’m asking for more…I want to see my friends!  Some of the people who come to the conference you don’t see any other place.  I’m stopping by Boston on my way home (no, it’s not on the way) to see a couple of friends and then drive home.  I’m really excited.  Hey, if you are on the ‘way’ there or on the ‘way’ back I’ll be sure to wave!  I’ll even use all four fingers and my thumb to wave instead of the one-fingered salute, lol.

If you are going, please stop by the Shadoe Publishing booth to buy copies of my and my author’s books!  We’re bringing plenty!  Also, we’ll have the Lesbian Membership Cards and many other funnies for you to enjoy.

Certified Lesbian Membership Card  Certified Butch Lesbian Membership Card - Copy  Certified Boi Lesbian Membership Card - Copy

Besides, I’m just THAT charming, lol.  I’m really looking forward to signing plenty of books and meeting friends/fans that I wouldn’t except through social media!  IMG_0201
Look for my red Fedora!  It’s rather distinctive!

Here are some of the new books I’ll be bringing for your literary enjoyment:

As well as many more…even I don’t know everything that are in the crates that were packed up…thank goodness for computerized inventory sheets!

But if you can’t make it and you still want a signed copy of my books, posters, even the cards,  you can get them at my website at www.kannemeinel.com  I’ve added a lot of new features this last year on there, including downloads directly from the website and, of course, signed books!  Check it out and don’t forget to say hello if you are there!

A shout out to my good and lifelong friend Helen for staying at the house for Kitkat and to keep an eye on things while I’m away for this long trip, thank you.  Friends like that you can’t buy and it’s nice to depend on them.


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