~Doctored~ Teaser IV

She had stayed a couple of hours watching the blonde interact with her son and the cat who had proved to be just an overgrown softie.  He was playful like any kitten and tired just as easily, falling asleep leaning again Madison who was learning all his favorite scratch spots.  When he began to purr it was a deep rumbling and then he must have forgotten he was purring as he started to drool.  Deanna had laughed as Madison jumped up and away from the amount of drool coming out of the big cat.  He’d looked up sleepily at her wondering why she had woken him, his expression clearly said, “What?”

“He purrs backwards,” Deanna told her.

“He what?” she asked, confused.

Deanna started laughing.  “I think he forgets he is purring and the saliva starts leaking out…he purrs backwards.”  She made it sound like a perfectly plausible explanation for his drooling.

“Is that a real thing?”

Deanna was giggling as she shook her head and Roman joined in at the joke they had just played on the trusting redhead.  Madison grabbed a pillow and threw it at the both of them, which led to a pillow fight and Spot wanted nothing to do with it and left the humans to this disgraceful display of behavior that didn’t befit his dignity.  It didn’t stop him from grabbing a pillow and hugging it close and then start kicking at it.  Deanna had to grab the pillow to keep it from being ripped to shreds by his back feet.

Blank white book w/path

COMING SOON!  www.kannemeinel.com


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