~Doctored~ Teaser III

Later Madison texted her, a common form of communication between them with their busy schedules.

‘How was the rest of your day?’

‘You wouldn’t believe the day I had.’

‘What hap?’

‘I devoured a baby.’

‘Damn phone…delivered.’

‘Good, because otherwise…gross.’  She waited a moment and then sent, ‘Boy or Girl?’


‘That was either hysterically funny or extremely racist.’

The phone rang then and Madison picked it up, “Hello?”

“They call these smart phones?”

Madison couldn’t help but snort-laugh through her nose.  “Its technology,” she tried to console her.

“I can’t believe that people put up with these things.  I wanted to throw it!”

“Uh oh, sounds like phone rage!”

“Phone rage?  Is that a real thing?”

“You’re the doctor, you tell me?”  Madison could almost hear Deanna shaking her head.

“Why does anyone use these things?  It doesn’t matter whether I type it or speak it, it gets it wrong!”



“You know, there is a way to turn off some of those features.”

“You better show me the next time I see you,” she sighed angrily.

“How did you cope when you were traveling?” she asked, amused.

“I waited until I got to a phone, none of these ‘conveniences.’”

Madison chuckled wondering how such a brilliant doctor could be so technologically inept.

Doctored Coming Soon


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