~Doctored~ A Teaser

Doctored Coming Soon

“Someday you might get married and have to settle down,” Maddie teased, knowing her friend wasn’t there yet, might never be there. She was young and smart and adventurous. It was amazing to see the dynamo that was Doctor Cooper.
“I don’t think that will ever happen,” Deanna said sadly.
Maddie wondered at the sad note in her voice. “Did you have someone back home?”
“Once I thought I did, but it didn’t work out,” she explained without giving particulars.
“Well, we have all loved and lost,” she answered philosophically and then felt like an ass for saying it.
Deanna laughed instead. “Yeah, I guess we have to date a few before we find our one.”
“I’ll find my Prince Charming,” Maddie assured her.
“No thanks.”
“What! You don’t want a Prince Charming?” the teasing was back.
“Oh, hell no. He would probably leave you in that castle. Maybe up in one of those turrets, scrubbing the floor for his lazy ass,” she elaborated and they both started laughing at the image she created.
“But he could ride in on his noble steed and sweep me off my feet,” she countered.
“Or, as he is sweeping you up, his horse sidesteps and you end up in the mud.”
They both laughed harder at the imagery and the sarcasm that Deanna shared. It was silly and fun.
“Oh, gawd. My side is aching,” Maddie leaned over slightly as she tried to get her breath back.
“You okay?” Deanna gasped, also trying to get enough oxygen into her lungs from laughing so hard. She put her hand on Maddie’s lower back to comfort her.
“You are hilarious,” she added as she slowly straightened up and Deanna’s hand fell off her. “You don’t want to ever get married?”
“Oh, I’d like to, but it’s frowned on,” she confided and then thought perhaps she should have kept that to herself. She glanced at Maddie who was looking at her with questions in her eyes.
“Your family doesn’t want you to marry?”
“They’d love me to. I just don’t like their choices,” she answered, perhaps with a trace of bitterness in her voice.


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