Letter to Jeff Bezos Amazon~A response


Well, there you have it…I don’t really think I got the response to my original inquiry here.  Your thoughts?


One thought on “Letter to Jeff Bezos Amazon~A response

  1. Alison says:

    I upsets me terribly how amazon get away with making their own rules to suit themselves. It disgusts me that you can buy a book, read it and return it for a refund within seven days. If you want to read a specific book then buy it for god sake. Help the people who do the hard work. I love to keep every book I read. Must admit an ereader makes that much easier.

    I don’t tend to write reviews but I always rate a book even the ones that aren’t as well written, and still give them a decent review. Authors need encouraging and shown appreciation. I’m aware how little money you all receive for the hard work you put in and amazon don’t exactly help small authors or publishers. Good luck to you and your fellow writer in all your endeavours and, I shall continue to buy and read as much material as I can.

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