Throwback Thursday

ce4021cdf4c4a11c640264763db2809aI recently came across this picture of some slippers and it made me remember back to the Christmas of about 1998 or so.  We had moved from Huntington Beach, California to our second place up in Los Osos, California.  We’d also acquired a second dog, a golden retriever that my son named Sophie.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We already had a standard poodle my mother had named Abner (I later found out her brother’s middle name was Abner…I will ask her about that someday when I run into her in the afterlife, what a sense of humor!).  That first Christmas together I actually forgot about all the presents I had bought already for the boys until my mother and I were wrapping the new ones I had bought in a frantic attempt to get them something for under the tree.  When she asked me about the others, I had to think and remember where I’d hidden them from two inquisitive and growing boys!

My son Andrew (in the picture is Christopher, or Chip as the family calls him) Mary, Chip, Abner Morro Bay 2000
woke us up at 4am.  We had barely managed to get all the presents under the tree by midnight, so four hours of sleep wasn’t quite enough.  Because of the sheer mass of packages we had to open, by 6am, we all went back to bed!

One of the presents I got was these slippers with the doggie face on them.  Sophie immediately tried to confiscate them.  I know why she thought they were a dog toy.  Wearing them proved to be hilarious, she tripped me up immediately and laughed doing so!  Eventually, they were NOT safe from her and she got a hold of them, one by one, and made them into road-kill…you know, flat and without the stuffing.  I sure miss having a dog or two around for company…but the memories are priceless!

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