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695When I first started publishing my books, I knew that eventually I would have to have a website.  Choosing between the masses of website hosts wasn’t easy, there are a lot of them out there.  When you first start publishing your books (either with a publisher or self-publishing) you don’t have a lot of extra money, so, money being tight, I looked for a host I felt I could trust that wasn’t expensive and could expand with me as I learned to create my own sites.  Initially I chose I-Page because of the price (see this below or click here for your own pricing.  The basic website that I chose the had a program called Weebly that I initially used, (later some of my websites were built with WordPress) because it was simple and you could literally drop and drag in pictures.  I wanted it simple, I wanted it easy, and I wanted to be able to expand when I was ready.  Fortunately for me I-Page has the BEST customer service representatives that I have every had the fortune of dealing with, they helped me with my choices and made intelligent suggestions that helped me enormously.  These guys and gals seem to go the extra mile to help you when you don’t know what you are doing, if there is an error coming up, or if you need to make a decision in expanding the features of your site.  They make it that easy, it isn’t just a part of their promo, it actually is true and I cannot say enough about them.

Their initial package had about five pages which was plenty for my purposes at that time.  I put up a page with all my books that is the landing page, then I had one for all my Novels, one for Novellas, and one for Short Stories.  Then I also had one for Video’s and for my Bio.  As my needs became more, this last year especially, I bumped up my package so that I could have unlimited pages on my website.  Under each of the aforementioned pages,. there are dozens of pages, some hidden even~!  You can buy my books directly from my website, signed, ebooks, whatever you wish!  All conveniently hosted by I-Page who made this possible with their excellent hosting of my site.

I also help other authors get their websites going, I’ve helped the basic website be built many many times.  I always recommend I-Page and the Weebly package initially because it is so user-friendly.

So if you are thinking of getting a website, please feel free to ask me questions, or click on the many links for I-Page I’ve included in this blog!  Thank you and enjoy!


Disclaimer: We may be compensated for this review.

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