Flashback Friday

Several years ago in my former life I was an artist (still am, but in a different capacity as a writer.)  I made these, by hand, for a customer in limited edition…yes, they are magazine pictures he gave me.  I made exactly 51 of each limited edition by hand, black and white, printed via screen prints that I made of the blown up magazine pictures.  As they were made ONLY for him and never resold by me these limited editions pieces of art are something to be proud of.  They show various scenes around New York, where he was from.  I’m quite proud of the work I did back in the day and how they turned out.  These and many others are in my private collection of things I did ‘back in the day.’12325490_1011015355637299_1131508241_o12380916_1011015272303974_110628203_o12516869_1011015652303936_2089696410_o12842389_1011015162303985_1953807183_o12842447_1011015575637277_1403727892_o

Check out my ‘other’ art at www.kannemeinel.com  I’m sure my books and the art within them will fuel your imagination…Read K'Anne Meinel


3 thoughts on “Flashback Friday

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