Write, Right?  And then WRITE some MORE?!?

For some writers, it comes in waves.  Others keep a schedule.  Some are called pansters and others plotters.  I think, I come somewhere in the MIDDLE.

I’ve been known to add a paragraph, just a line, or even a full chapter to a book that I know won’t get written for years.  The last time I counted (I try not to do that TOO often) I had over 160 Novels, novellas, and shorts in various stages of completion on my computer.    I try to combine ideas whenEVER possible.

Write Me, Write Me, Write me NOW!Sometimes, I can write MADLY for days, literally.  I’ve been known to trot out coherent stories or novellas or even the rest of a novel in a weekend…I think my personal best in a weekend was 40,000-50,000, no kidding.  I don’t tell you this to brag, far from it.  The pain my body gets into from doing that mad typing isn’t funny.  My arms go numb, my fingers tingle even, and my joints…let’s not go there.  My point is, if you feel the NEED to write, then WRITE.

The sad thing is, trying to turn off a creative mind.  I can’t tell you how many ‘all nighters’ I am the victim of.  I keep a tape recorder by my bed so I don’t turn on the lights or the computer for my ‘ideas’ or entire scenes…I hope to transcribe them later…god knows I won’t remember it otherwise!

The hardest thing for a writer is feeling that NEED and being unable to fulfill it, for whatever the reason, your REAL job, or LIFE, or a million and one things that prevent you from doing something you feel the NEED to do…write!

When those stories call, and yes they do that…you have to respond.  I’m fairly ‘retired’ so I’m able to indulge…but holy cow, some days I’m just so sick of typing/writing/creating my head feels like it’s gonna EXPLODE.

Fortunately, then you hear the other voices too…Buy Me

My WEBsite come on, join the madness….READ!

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2 thoughts on “Write, Right?  And then WRITE some MORE?!?

  1. I recently commented in a note to a friend that if I wrote every minute of every day for the rest of my life I couldn’t get it all down. But no explosions here, and no sickness of it. Bewilderment at times? Yes. Nice blog, K’Anne. Happy holidays!

  2. kannemeinel says:

    Thank you Marguerite! Happy Holidays to you too!

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