A fan letter from Russia

e543_olde_tyme_writing_setWith all the wonderful fan letters that I get via email, social media, and…occasionally…via snail mail this one stood out.  Because, not only is it from Russia, but she tries so hard to master the difficult language of English.  I can only imagine how hard that is.  I can only imagine how hard Russian is!  I am however pleased and thrilled to have heard from her and want to share her wonderful letter.   Enjoy!

Dear KAnne!

My letter is not going to take much time from you. I just would like to express my respect to you and  everything you are doing and say thanks for that.  I am very happy you are reading the letter!Thank you very much!

My name is Inna Baskakova. I am twenty three years old. I live in a small town in the South of Russia.

I have been studying English for seven years. My best dream ever was can speak, write and listen English.  Time ago I  found your books in internet. I was so impressed by your way of thinking!! I was compleatly charming! And everything thank to your  personality! You are the wisest author I have ever read! Your good works dont let me give up studying English! When I am feel so bad and helpless I open your website and watch covers of your books. It is reassuring and i feel able to study again. You are who give me the power of spirit to go ahead. And  you are beautiful woman! I know you are very strong person and very talented author.  One day I would love to be like you – beautiful,intelligent, wonderful!!! You are unlike the others. There is something about you.You are the queen of the genre. You are truly master of writing. Thank you very much for inspiration!
It was always attraction to me the USA, the language, the culture, the literature!  I am dreaming to visit it one day!
As there are not english teachers in our town(nobody wants to work for a small salary), our children cannot learn English at school. So happened to me. I started learn English by myself when i was sixteen. English is hard to stydy. i must say:) But i was studing. Now I make a lot of mistakes but i can write. But I cannot speak. I have nobody to speak English to. But my deep desire to know the language doesnt permit me quit. I speak with myself. Every day whenever i have time for it.

Thanks to the web i am able to download your books. That is so beautiful!!! Actually i have not much time for reading, as I work. But every evening I open PDF-file and really enjoy reading.  Reading is a better world to me. It is a miracle.

I would love to be an English teacher. I really desire to read English authors and tell about it to world, to children!! There is nothing beautiful  in the whole world than English language and Literature. I would love to do it professionally. I want to have a degree. I tried enter university for four year but i never pass exams. The next year i am going to do it again.

I am writing to you beacause I would like to ask you for authograph. I would love to have one. I know i should study more to become a real reader of your booksl but you are who give me an inspiration.Thank you very much for your writing and your beautiful way to live!   Thank you very much for reading my letter.

Blessing.With all my respect and love.


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