Thank you!

I’d like to take a moment to just say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all the fans who read my novels.  I was looking at the stats today off of just Amazon and this is what I found for just one of my books:


This means for that one book alone I am selling more than one 100 a day which thrills me and I can’t say thank you enough to those who enjoy my many books and give me the feedback that they do.  My current book that came out last month, BLOWN AWAY has TWO covers:

Blown Away 1000Blown Away The Alternate Cover

and here is what some people are saying:


both are available in both E-Book and Paperback editions.  If you go to my website there is even a buttonCapture

to get them or any of my paperbacks personally signed and mailed to you!

Again, THANK YOU to the fans, you are one the many reasons I keep writing!


2 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Renate Ziesche says:

    Finished Blown Away this weekend…just loved it and for sure a re-read! Ellen is my new favourite character 🙂

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