Same great story with an alternate cover: BLOWN AWAY

Blown Away The Alternate Cover

Don’t judge a book by its cover!  Nothing, and no one, is EVER what they seem.

Ellen Christenson escapes from an abusive life, but does one ever escape the scars that are left on their soul?  One must move on, one must try.  But life has a tendency to circle back to what one once knew and she finds her life choices bring her back to the scenes of her abuse, to deal with it finally and fully, in ways she had never thought she would deal with.  It is then that the healing can begin, as she repairs her soul and the people she has devastated along the way.

Ellen hadn’t ‘intended’ to end up in Silicon Valley and its high tech world, but due to life and it’s circumstances she finds herself the head of a startup tech company.  Cool, calculating, efficient, she shows the world a side of her that she really isn’t, few if any know the real Ellen.  Nearby San Francisco provides her with plenty of girlfriends.  That elusive one, that soul mate, she has a hard time recognizing due to the scars within.

Living with the choice of letting someone die for their sins, for years, Ellen is ‘blown away’ by the feelings and emotions she has bottled up for so long….


Paperback and E-Book

Now you may ASK, WHY?

Blown Away 1000After all, I have this HOT HOT HOT cover that should have people drooling over buying and reading the story.  This cover was deliberately chosen to get people’s attention because the story itself is difficult.  Yes, it has some great love scenes in it but it isn’t about that at all.  The story itself, is about overcoming abuse and the journey one woman makes to get there.  Discovering along the way not only herself but who is important in her life.

Yes the same great story is available in BOTH covers.  Some people don’t want this provocative cover to read the book by and the above cover is a little more user friendly.

Whichever you choose to buy, just read the story.  I’m certain you won’t regret the journey it will take you on.

Paperback and E-Book of this version.


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