Of Trolls and Reviews

Definition of Troll

In this modern day of people hiding behind a keyboard it is easy to state an opinion on social media or a blog (as I am doing here) or anywhere on line where others will eventually see it.  A lot of people don’t realize the long term consequences of blurting out their thoughts and just let it hang all out there.  Recently I released a new book BLOWN AWAY.  My first review was barely a one star.Capture  I’m not arrogant enough to think that ALL my reviews SHOULD be FIVE stars but this one was a little harsh.  I took it in stride as the next two WERE five stars and I especially LIKED that one of the posters took abridge to the one star reviewer (thank you by the way).

Everyone is ALLOWED their OWN opinion, but not everyone SHOULD express it.  Especially if it is intentional to harm the person they are expressing it about.  Authors are a unique breed, we do bleed, we do have thoughts and feelings and emotions…we run the gammit of them as we express them in our creations…our reviews are a necessary part of us putting out ‘babies’ out there.Review It is a double-edged sword.  We are human after all and have these ‘compulsions’ to put these stories, part of US…out there.  Now while this reviewer absolutely HAS the RIGHT to express THEIR opinion, I actually applaud them for it, if it was intended to HURT, it didn’t succeed.

My first thought when I saw the first review was that it was a troll (defined above) download and while I value other people’s opinions, I don’t think hiding behind a keyboard and doing such things is ethical.

I know not everyone is going to like everything I write, not everything I write IS gold.  This book however, while it has a provocative cover (deliberately to garner your attention) deals with some harsh realities.  Mainly, ABUSE.  Something I do know something about, something I felt I could shed some light on.  The main character deals with it and finds that she carries it with her for years, not allowing herself to have decent relationships as a result.  The process is what this is about, for this character to learn to deal with.  You have to know who she is, what makes her the way she is, and how she overcomes.  Is this mainly a romance, ABSOLUTELY NOT.  This is a DRAMA with a romance within, mainly, learning to forgive oneself for decisions made due to abuse.  This was NOT an easy book to write.  It isn’t an easy book to READ.  No, not everyone is going to LIKE it, but it IS a GOOD book and the many others tweeting about it who realize the whole point OF the book, get it, understand it, and know it’s value, THANK YOU!

Full Cover of BLOWN AWAYSeriously, do NOT judge a book by it’s cover!  This one might just BLOW YOU away!




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