MALICE Pocket Paperbacks, new covers, new releases

Book 1 Mysterious Malice Cover Book 2 Meticulous Malice Cover Book 3 Mistaken Malice Book 4 Malicious Malice Book 5 Masterful Malice Book 6 Matrimonial Malice Book 7 Mourning Malice Book 8 Murderous Malice Book 9 Mental Malice Book 10 Menacing Malice

There is nothing like a little murder, mayhem, and mystery in your pocket and now I’m pleased to offer ALL of the first TEN of the MALICE SERIES of books in Pocket Paperbacks!  Each is now available for your reading pleasure as well as in the ‘normal’ sized Novels in groups of five.  Look for the remaining Malice books (hopefully soon) in Pocket Paperback!  Click on the cover for where to buy these AWESOME little books, all for under $10!  You can still get them in e-book form of course but is there ANYTHING like the feel of pages between your fingers??  Also, if you prefer to buy them in the Novels I have created, please click on the two covers below:

Malice Masterpieces the First Five Books Front Cover  Malice Masterpieces 2

So, whatever you pleasure, check out what you would like or go to my website at and choose your poison!


One thought on “MALICE Pocket Paperbacks, new covers, new releases

  1. Donna says:

    When is the next book in Malice series coming out?

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