Today a friend of mine experienced homophobia up close and personal.  She was minding her own business and someone called her a ‘name’ which was clearly derogatory to her.  He then proceeded to get in a car and try to run her down.  She got out of the way just in time, but not quite, as her foot got run over.  Another friend socked the guy and gave him a black eye.  Now I do NOT condone violence but I can see how I would have reacted in a similar manner.  My friend did NOTHING to warrant the attack.  Apparently this guy had seen her several times at this social gathering and always glared at her and left.  He apparently took offense at her looks, he didn’t know her, he had never spoken to her, he had no way to actually know that she was and is gay.  Today for some reason he chose to act on his obvious hate.  I’m sad about this because no one deserves to be treated in this manner.  Now my friend was lucky that no bones were broken and she’s just bruised up, but what COULD have happened when he deliberately swerved towards her was much more, so much more.  All he had to do is lose control for an instant, beyond the obvious brain loss that occurred.  Had he hit the group of people AND my friend there could have been broken bones or worse.  I shudder to think of losing this particular friend as she has become one of my closest over the time I have known her.

The truly sad thing is it was all on his part, not on my friends.  She did NOTHING to provoke him or his hatred.  He did right by leaving if her presence offended him.  My mother always said if you can’t say anything nice say nothing at all.  He should have said nothing, he should have done nothing, now he will be up on charges from vehicular ones to homophobic ones, both illegal in this part of the world.  He has created a situation that he cannot come back from and I can’t say as I think it couldn’t happen to a more deserving soul.

I won’t go into my thoughts on all this but my heart is hurting that my friend is hurt.  I am grateful that she is here to share what happened and that she is alive to tell her tale.  I’m sad though that there are individuals out there who would commit such a crime and so dire a one that could have had unforseen circumstances.  Some would say, but she is alive, it didn’t happen, the point is, it COULD have.  All because someone couldn’t handle their homophobia.




One thought on “Homophobia

  1. lululove88 says:

    That’s so awful! I’m so glad that your friend is okay.

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