I’m not a big fan of poetry…maybe because Mr. Crawford, my high school English teacher made us read it and as a high schooler, it seemed boring and inconsequential.  I like to think as an author and an adult, my tastes have changed over the years to include a level of sophistication that might actually appreciate the fine writing that I have been privileged to see and read.  I have even delved into a small bit of it myself POEM & PROSE.  It can be so moving, so deep, and take your mind to places that it leads, you are merely following.  It can be so profound that it leaves you drained from the journey, or crying as it relates to you and your life.  I no longer find it boring or even inconsequential, I find myself looking for meaning in words that convey a depth of emotion or a meaning within the meanings, or even a story that enlightens me.  I would like for you to take a moment to check out my fellow authors over at Shadoe Publishing who I have had the privilege and sincere pleasure of enjoying.  Thank you Chris Parsons and Maria Ayala for showing me that Mr. Crawford, while boring himself, was right, Poetry and Prose has a whole lot MORE to offer…K’Anne Meinel

Front Cover     Front Cover


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