Here at last is: MARINATING MALICE #17 in the MALICE Series!

Book 17 Marinating Malice

Kathy needs to move on but her thoughts seem to be keeping her in the past.  It is time though.  Her wife has been dead over eighteen months.  She has a girlfriend who would like to become her lover.  Is she ready to put the past behind her and move on?

Trust seems to be the issue, not on her part but on the part of Special Agent Linda Miller, is she ready to take the next step, clues to Kathy and her wife’s past seem to intrigue her a little too much, maybe it’s the cop in her.

Things seem to be conspiring to make Kathy crazy, is she really seeing the clues that point to what she thinks she is seeing?  Her friends keep telling her that she isn’t seeing what she thinks is there. Is it all in her mind?   Is it possible that her wife is still alive or is she only brimming with hope?  Her thoughts keep her prisoner…

In BOTH Paperback and E-Book!


One thought on “Here at last is: MARINATING MALICE #17 in the MALICE Series!

  1. Chris says:

    Marinating Malice is a deliciously gripping book. The first of the series I have read and now I want MORE!!! K’Anne Meinel has a way with words. Everything I’ve read of hers leaves me wanting to read more. Descriptions that become visions in your mind, words that fuel the imagination. Need I say more? (thank you for letting me proofread this.)

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