Sapphic Cowgirl Pocket Paperback & 2nd edition e-book

I’ve always wanted my books to be available to a wide variety of people.  Lesbian fiction, especially about cowgirls isn’t readily available and while I too am a horse-lover, I can’t seem to find ‘enough’ of the combination to feed my reading soul!  I released Sapphic Cowgirl back in 2012 as an e-book.  It’s not too long, a novella, but this is the first time it is also available in a pocket paperback!  The book has been updated, a few things added, tweaked, and for those fortunate enough to obtain the paperback, there is something extra special that I put in ‘all’ my paperbacks…go take a look at this ‘special’ pocket paperback from my publishing company Shadoe Publishing, it even has a new cover!

Sapphic Cowgirl Cover

Marley has become a successful horse breeder and rancher.  Gypsy Vanner’s have become her life.  She makes ALL the decisions in her life, at her work, in her home but she is horribly alone.

Alexandra, Alex to her friends has been independent and alone for a long time now.  Very successful in her job which gives her great satisfaction she finds being alone to be its greatest draw back.

When the two lifelong friends meet up after years apart can the spark they now feel heal the rift that tore them apart for so long?  Have they both grown up and past the pettiness and the competition that drove them before?  As adults will they recognize the spark as attraction and do something about it?

For Alex it’s a lot of firsts can she overcome her hesitation over her former friend’s attraction, can she trust Marley enough to enter into a sexual relationship that will affect both of their lives?

Available in Pocket Paperback, E-Book, and see the video on You Tube!

animated-gifs-books-80     imagesCAF5YLX0



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