Strong Women by K’Anne Meinel

Women and Words

by K’Anne Meinel

I’m a big proponent of writing about strong women in my books. I have sixty-five published works now. All but two are what I’d consider Lesbian Fiction. One of them does have a lesbian character but no sex, just a strong story line. People may wonder why I always have strong women in my stories. I believe that just because a woman is strong doesn’t mean she doesn’t have problems, vulnerabilities, or a life, a story to tell and I tell about them, about the journey. People’s perceptions of what makes a woman strong sometimes bothers me, they perceive strong women as usually ‘butch’ or ‘bitchy’ or a host of other descriptions that aren’t accurate. What they fail to realize is what it takes to be that STRONG of a woman. The drama, the life experiences, the whole she-bang (pun intended). It isn’t about the…

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