Macabre Malice


Framed for a crime she didn’t do, Kathy battles to retain her freedom from corrupt cops out to ‘get her.’  An unexpected bit of help comes from an Internal Affairs cop set on putting dirty cops away.  Certain that Kathy has been targeted by this unscrupulous group, Special Agent Linda Miller not only helps Kathy and Portia to prove her innocence, she finds herself attracted to Kathy.

Can feelings of gratitude and admiration turn to love for the widowed Kathy?  She can never reveal her full past to this cop who she finds herself attracted to.  Will Linda accept that there will always be some parts of Kathy’s life that she cannot know about or will her investigative skills get in the way of their happiness?

Constant reminders and comparisons to the woman she first loved make it hard for Kathy to commit herself fully to their budding romance.  How can she move on when the past keeps sending things forward to tell her that it isn’t done with her?



One thought on “Macabre Malice

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