Hot, Cross, Buns


So, a friend recommended that I get more Vitamin D for my aches and pains in my joints.  I’m EXTREMELY white and pale so getting a bit of sun was in order.  Of course the idea didn’t come to fruitation during summer where the nice hot sun would have taken care of it for me, naturally (for free).  So I decided to go use the tanning salon this week.  Before you all tell me how bad that is for me, I know, I don’t care though.  Meanwhile I went in to see my options at the salon.  Boy they have advanced in the last ten years since I did this.

Anyway, the first day I could see a noticeable difference after only seven minutes in the bed.  A distinct tan line around my hairline.  Nice right?

I could feel a bit of skin tightening but I have this marvelous lotion from Switzerland that works wonderfully and solved that problem since it contains collagen.

Day two I noticed no difference which was kind of disappointing.  Was hoping for something a bit more miraculous like instant release of aches and pains from this Vitamin D thing.  No go.

Day three we decided to vamp it up a little and go to EIGHT minutes.  Well this day had the most significant ‘difference.’  Now perhaps I should have explained that laying in the tanning bed, naked, means that EVERYTHING is exposed to get the full rays.  Yep, that does mean EVERYTHING.  And yes, I burnt my bum.  I didn’t realize I’d burnt my bum as I drove my motorcycle into downtown and went shopping at the mall.  My jeans felt a little odd that day but I ignored it and didn’t think anything of it until I got home and I began to itch.  I’m not talking all out scratching, but a bit of rubbing on the ole bum.  It took me hours (meanwhile the skin had time to set) to realize why I itched, I was quite red.  In both sets of cheeks when I noticed it.  And it’s a little bit sore I might add.  Nothing like having hot cross buns….0119_burnt_launch_splash-1

So day four came around and we (the figurative we, me, myself, and I, all three of us) decided to stay home and not go to the tanning beds.  The motorcycle rides today were decidedly uncomfortable.  Neither the satin undies (no commando with this) or the jeans against them prevented a distinctive ‘tightening’ on my skin.

Day five is tomorrow and I think this will be my last foray into this endeavor (depends on if the ‘deal’ I purchased gives out) but I think it’s been a lesson learned.

I just have to add this isn’t the first time I’ve burned my buns.  I’m a terrible cook.  And let’s not talk about the boobs….blisters 023


2 thoughts on “Hot, Cross, Buns

  1. RWills says:

    Oh sure. “Let’s not talk about the boobs…”

    Just when it was getting interesting.


    K’AM, however if you do manage to tan you are way more fortunate then I ever was. My ancestors kept busy chasing reindeer around glaciers and raiding the tribe over the hill for their women. They never did get around to inventing melanin!

  2. Judy Comella says:

    Cute. Did you learn your lesson? Go find the REAL Sun.

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