Shoe Tri-fecta

  1. a bet in which the person betting forecasts the first three finishers in a race in the correct order.
    • a run of three wins or grand events.
      “today is a trifecta of birthdays”

My search for the perfect ‘shoe’ began a year ago.  It was a casual (pun intended) thing that started innocently enough.  Seeing the pictures of what women were wearing at the GCLS in Dallas made me begin to really think about what I would wear to such events (I’m such a girl).  And of course what I wouldn’t wear (sorry but I just say NO to crocs 4917538858_a1b1b52338_z  (although I’m assured they are comfy and some LUV them).  So began my search for ‘Rainbow Shoes.’

Well, my first love was for the Nike Roshe Run Woven Rainbow.  nike-roshe-run-woven-rainbow-2  Imagine my dismay to find that they are hard to find or obtain.  I called a store in Los Angeles that supposedly had them in stock, in my size, and available to ship immediately (according to Nike and their stock indicator, which lied).  I found some with outrageous prices on the internet but I wasn’t willing to pay the hundreds of dollars they were asking for them.  So I decided to go with my second choice.
The second choice were the Asics New Balance Rainbow shoesnew-balance-rainbow-lightweight-neon-shoes-.-.  Again, they are hard to find and obtain.  I found one site that was ‘offering’ them as though at a ‘bargain’ for $700.  I don’t care if they were made of gold, I am NOT paying $700 for shoes that go on my feet, splash in and outta puddles (whether I see or notice the puddles is irrelevant) and will have my feet sweating in them at some time or another.
My third choice, which I didn’t even know WAS my choice were Nike Air Footscape Woven Motion Mult-Multi Rainbow.Nike-Air-Footscape-Motion-Woven-Chukka-Rainbow-Black-at-mita-1-600x337

Now I kinda dig these because one, they are in basic black (they go with EVERYTHING), two they have that funky rainbow woven around them, and three, LOOK at that funky way the laces go up them as well!

In my year long search for number one and number two I didn’t do it daily, just randomly when the ‘urge’ to be stylin’ hit me (I suppress this urge as often as possible).  But, I decided I ‘needed’ at least ONE pair of Lesbian Rainbow Shoes for ‘events’ that might come up where I want to make a ‘shoe statement.’
Imagine my ‘delight’ in finding not one but TWO of the three Shoe Tri-fecta’s on a website out of England.  I placed my order IMMEDIATELY.  I’m a little concerned about the conversion of dollars to pounds, and US sizes of shoes vs UK sizes of shoes.  I ended up with a pair of mens sizes six and a half  (they weren’t AVAILABLE in womens! and besides that’s a blog for another time) which translates to my womens size eight and half (or so I’ve found).  The other pair came in women’s size eight and half and I’m thrilled.  They charged my credit card so quick my head was spinning (or maybe that was because I actually found them at all?)!  And, because I bought them over seas, no tax, and they were HALF the price I was willing to pay for one pair so I got the two different pair!  Two days later I get an email acknowledging the order for both pairs only to find out the Nike Roshe Run Woven Rainbow, which were SO HARD to obtain were out of stock, sigh.  They assured me the Nike Air Footscape Woven Motion Mult-Multi Rainbow would be shipped promptly.  Here is my concern, I can’t FIND their website again (it doesn’t work) AND they do not respond to my emails!  Now I CAN get my money back on my credit card of course but I’m gonna have to wait a week or two for then to at least have time to actually deliver the one pair of shoes.  Sigh.  I’ll let ya all know if you inbox me on social media if they arrived.
Meanwhile, back at the mall.  I found option TWO in a little different color but close enough that I snapped those babies up.IMG_20141010_154451
So now, I’ve got one pair in my hands, ready to wear, they are made for Tri-atheletes…you can run in them, you can SWIM in them, and I have no idea what the third event would be, it’s a toss up between biking and walking.  Just so everyone knows, if you see me running, you better run too because it means something is up!  Also, the cool thing that she casually mentioned is that these GLOW IN THE DARK, can’t wait to find out if that is true!
I have large wide feet which are PERFECT for swimming (if you had webbed feet) that I inherited from my flat-footed father (say THAT three times fast).  I can add arches to most shoes to keep my feet from hurting but personally I prefer boots anyway.  These ‘casual’ shoes I hope you all notice are my contribution to perpetuating the myth that lesbians are fabulous.
Also, the funky shoe laces I intend to order are on my wish list on Amazon.  The saleswoman suggested I buy rainbow knee highs, I was appalled, after all, I don’t want to go OVERBOARD!

One thought on “Shoe Tri-fecta

  1. Melissa Hamilton says:

    Well I guess if you’re ordering rainbow items you might expect the helpful comments from the hired help. Rofl at the image of a rainbowed k’anne.

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