Sapphic Surfer as a PAPERBACK!

Sapphic Surfer Cover 2

Well, it took MORE than a year.  Between hiring an artist to ‘help’ and ending up doing it myself and the various things in between we FINALLY have SAPPHIC SURFER out as a Pocket Paperback!  I just LOVE this artwork and I played with it until I felt it was ‘good’ enough for paperback.  For under $10 it’s a great little read!

Can a virgin such as Ashley cope with the feelings that are building inside her for the famous surfer?  Can a Midwestern girl with all the morals and hang-ups ingrained in her overcome them to actually enter into a Sapphic romance with this woman?

Ashley is a Midwestern girl who is enjoying “the life” in Southern California.  She is living her dream.  She learns to surf, a lifelong dream that wasn’t possible in Illinois.  Now she meets professional surfer Willow Samuels who becomes a good friend to her.  How good a friend isn’t really apparent until she realizes there is a mutual attraction. 

Ashley is conflicted when she realizes she is having feelings for her famous friend Willow.  When Willow makes a pass at her she realizes that her friend is gay and attracted to her. How can she overcome a lifetime of ethics and values that just might destroy the happiness that Willow offers her?




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