What am I doing wrong?


Have you ever thought that you are doing something wrong?  I mean you write a book, you put your heart and soul into it and it doesn’t sell very well.  You do all the ‘right’ things; the friends read it, the beta readers, the fantastic cover, and still very few sales.   It’s heartbreaking.

Now we are not all going to be J.K. Rowling with her phenomenal success of Harry Potter.  Let’s face it, that’s a once in a lifetime achievement for anyone and will NEVER be seen by a Lesbian Fiction (Les Fic) author.  Not that we don’t all hope for it.

It takes the ‘right’ um er ‘write’ people to see it at the correct time, fate and karma and a few other celestial entities in it as well for it to strike the right chord and spread like wild fire to the ‘right’ people.  It’s a hit or miss many times.

But if you went into this ‘business’ with the thought that you could ‘retire’ on your residuals you are sadly mistaken.  Getting rich at writing isn’t why you should write.  The love of a good story, the sharing of your mind with your fans and friends, this should be why…not money.

I write and I write and I write…is everything I write fantastic?  Oh hell no.  Some of my earlier stuff just makes me cringe.  But you know what, some people like the older stuff, some like the newer stuff, and some like the different stuff…I try to write a variety of things.  Things that randomly occur to me and appeal to me.  I only hope they appeal to those who read my stuff for the first time and they are curious enough to buy my other novels, novellas, or short stories…

I’m certainly not in this for the money but if I tell a good story and you like it, then mission accomplished.  If you tell a friend, if you tell 1000 of your CLOSEST friends to go read my books, then I’m thrilled and it helps.  Best of all is when the fans leave a ‘review’ telling how the book affected them and I hope enthralled them.  Even the bad reviews I have learned from and improved what I am doing.

Let’s face it, it’s a craft and we are always learning from ‘the craft.’  If I’ve bewitched you with my writing then so be it.  If I’ve entertained you for a few hours, a few days, or weeks on end, then I’m flattered.  I do appreciate the fans, after all, you are my ‘judges’ and it’s for you that I do this, not the money…


One thought on “What am I doing wrong?

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    True. Its not about the money, its about the love of writing and being read. Some people will say giving out your books for free undervalues your talent and skill, but I say giving it out for free is a chance for me to share my love and be read. At the end of the day, the joy comes from simply putting your heart and soul into your passion.

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