I am not known for writing poetry, I will be honest…it doesn’t do a lot for me but I wrote this a while back and thought I would share…

© K’Anne Meinel December 2013

If I cannot see you

   are you there?

If I cannot hear you

   do you speak?

If I cannot smell you

   is it a wash?

If I cannot touch you

   can I feel you?

If I cannot feel you

   are you present?

Watch me, hear me, scent me, hug me, know me….


When the music stops

   do you continue to dance?

When the movie is over

   do you watch the credits?

When dinner is over

   do you stay for the desert?

When the play is over

   do you applaud?

When I leave

   do you miss me?

Dance with me, give me credit,

    desert me, applaud me, miss me

I miss you now that I’ve gone…





4 thoughts on “Poem

  1. Wow K’Anne, I love your poem. It sure does give you alot to think about. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. I miss you when you are gone. Very well written.

  3. […] that I have been privileged to see and read.  I have even delved into a small bit of it myself POEM & PROSE.  It can be so moving, so deep, and take your mind to places that it leads, you are […]

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