New Book: CHARMING THIEF ~Snake Island~

Charming Thief


What do you do when you are offered more money for one single act than most people can make in a year?  What do you do with skills so refined that only a thief can appreciate them?  Do you enjoy travel?  Seeing the world?  Meeting new and exciting people?  How can you put all these things into one package and call it a ‘career?’

Simone, Marie, Jane, Adelina, Mary or whatever name she chooses to use at the moment has a unique set of skills and a different outlook on life.  Anonymous, pretty, she uses anything at her fingertips to get the job done.  Join her as she uses them to go to one of the most dangerous islands in the world to bring back a specific item for a client who has commissioned her.  Will she be able to obtain it when she finds out she has been misled, will it kill her, get her killed, or will she wind up in a Brazilian prison for the rest of her days?

For those of you who enjoy my MALICE books, this may be a nice surprise as Alice makes an appearance in this book…you will have to read to find out how….


One thought on “New Book: CHARMING THIEF ~Snake Island~

  1. I love ambrosia!! My grandmother makes it every year!! It is divine!!

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