It’s been a year!

It’s been a year…..

I can’t believe it but it’s been over a year since my last ‘MALICE’ book was out!  Yep, August 2012 was the last one-Murderous Malice!  And now I’m pleased to announce that the series will continue with MENTAL MALICE due out TOMORROW!

Malice is the type of story that can take on a life of its own.  My original plan had been to release only five, then perhaps ten total.  The outline for #9 and #10 have been there for a year, the names chosen, even the covers but I just couldn’t get into writing the story that took over for the previous year, one story line after another presented itself until I felt all I ever thought about was ALICE!  It wasn’t the case, I forced myself to write other things but I went back to Alice and her Malice stories with ease.  My intention was ‘for a time’ but not for an entire YEAR!  That surprised me.

I thank everyone who wrote me this last year and asked when Malice would continue.  That sort of loyalty deserves the story that will continue.  Again, it WAS my intention to only write ten Malice novella’s and put them into two paperbacks.  But….#11 crept into my consciousness, just due to fan comments and a few suggestions that presented themselves as I wrote #9.

Now that #9 is on its way to you, my loyal readers, I want to let you know that not only has #11 entered my consciousness but #10 is well on its way to being done, #12 and #13 have also reared their ugly little heads.  Alice isn’t going to have an easy life but I’m sure you’ve sensed that.  Her eventful life will be told in the coming novellas.  I am hoping you enjoy her, keep rooting for her, and keep reading them as long as my active little imagination can keep up with her!  She tends to keep cropping up at the oddest times in my own life.  Something will occur and I think, how would Alice handle that…

Here are the books so far:











and here comes #10 MENACING MALICE

After #10 is completed we will be releasing another paperback with the next five contained inside.

#11 is tentatively being called MINOR MALICE and we will delve a ‘leetle’ into Alice’s background and how she became the wonderfully twisted murderer we all cherish. So, my friends, fans, a few enemies, and faithful readers…hang onto your hats, Alice has just begun to get revenge for her long awaited release of her stories…

K’Anne 😉

Watch for my blog tomorrow when I tell you WHERE you can pick up YOUR copy of MENTAL MALICE!

Book 9 Mental Malice

P.s….I would like a little help from my readers.  I have decided that I would like to write an FBI ‘type’ of story that will eventually put Alice up against another hero I have creeping into my consciousness.  As the ‘Alice’ and ‘Malice’ series have been so successful and the clever names kept popping up I’d like my fans participation in the next ‘series’ of stories that will lead up to this pivotal confrontation between good and justice, Alice and ?  Your job if you choose to accept the challenge is to help me NAME the character and perhaps the series such as I have here with Alice and Malice.  I would like a clever combination that would mean something in the law enforcement environment but also mean justice or something that would be the complete opposite of Malice and Alice.  Time to put your thinking caps on and the winner or winner(s) will be featured in my book(s) using their actual names if they so desire….thank you for your anticipated participation!


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