Chapter 3 of JENNIS SLAUGHTER’s new book INSIGHT coming soon from Shadoe Publishing!

Check out my good friend Jennis Slaughter’s new book (Chapter 3) coming from Shadoe Publishing!

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Chapter 3 ~

Stepping into the shop, Del called out for Jasper.  The shop was small but well-kept and it was obvious that the man had a passion for his work.  She walked around as she waited for him to join her, running her fingers over an old vanity and opening the drawer on a well-loved desk that had intricate carvings.

“Hello there Missy.  It’s good to see that some people have the good manners to show up on time.”  The white haired gentleman walked in from the back.  “Isn’t she a beauty?”

Del smiled as she didn’t often take to people so quickly, but this man had an ease about him and she couldn’t help but enjoy his company.  “Well, if my grandmother taught me anything, it was manners.  It really is a beautiful piece.  Where did you find it?”

Rubbing his hand along the…

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