Been quiet for a while

Boy it’s been a busy summer for me.  I just had shoulder surgery.  They thought it was a torn rotator cuff (20 months of pain would tend to agree with that) but when they went in they found a bone spur.  They even gave me the pictures of the inside of my shoulder to show me what they had done (gross).  I’ve had literally a dozen books to edit (not mine) and work on.  I have so many ideas for new stories I wish to get out there but I’m holding off for many reasons.  One is that the anesthesia has given me the worst ADD I have ever experienced, oh look, a butterfly….

This fall ought to be a productive one for MY books and I hope you continue to read my posts.  There should be a lot happening here and on my publisher blog: Shadoe Publishing.  Take a look and subscribe to both!




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