A comma here a comment there


A few months back I had a reviewer lay into my latest book for punctuation errors and grammar.  Because of this ‘distraction’ she missed the ‘point’ of the book.

Rather than be ‘crushed’ by this well-meant advice as an artistic personality can tend to do to itself, I chose to spin it into something positive.  I have been slowly and painfully fixing said punctuation errors in EACH and EVERY of the fifty books in the various formats both e-book and in print to make sure that the quality is enhanced.  For all future purchases of said book at least this ‘minor’ thing has improved.

Are my books now all perfect?  Certainly not.  I do not claim to be a professional editor and that class in school was never my favorite.  Someday I will hire a professional but as a struggling author that is in the future and I do the best I can, besides perfection is over-rated.  But I do know HOW to write; in fact I think a lot of my stories are good!  Are they all great, nope.  But I know what my fans like and there are enough variations that there is something for everyone.

I hope that people understand how hard it is to put yourself out there and let your ‘babies’ into the world like that, open to critique, open to ridicule, open to interpretation.  Sometimes you put your heart and soul into a book only to have a few reviews that just make you feel like you should never write again.  Some would say, well don’t read your reviews, but like an accident, you can’t help but look.  Do I agree with what they say, well on the punctuation ones I did and I’ve corrected that.  If they don’t like the story, that’s their own decision.  Not everything I write is going to appeal to everyone, thank goodness.  I’m not an egomaniac who lives for the accolades.  I’m a creative personality who enjoys spinning a tale and I love hearing that someone enjoyed my spin.

So, for those who have read my books, enjoy the new ones you haven’t read yet.  Those who have NEVER read my books, you won’t know the difference anyway.  And for those who are on the fence, well that can be a pretty uncomfortable place to be.  I have stories that are under a buck, it gives you a sample, a taste, of my writings, and I have novellas which are in between, to full length novels that can tear at your heartstrings, take you through a lifetime, make you laugh, cry, and feel a whole range of emotions.  Hopefully at least you are READING and I truly hope you ENJOY!


One thought on “A comma here a comment there

  1. leaschott says:

    i think complaining about punctuation is silly lol …to me writing is like painting a picture ….it is about what you see when you ae writing it.

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