Long Distance Romance LARGE PRINT

Long Distance Romance

When you unexpectedly fall in love, don’t you take it for what it’s worth?  Don’t you love the person while you can?  When you can?  What if they live on the other side of the globe though?  Could you handle that long of a distance?  Patience becomes the word when two women of independent character fall unexpectedly in love.  From different lifestyles, to different geographic locations, the problems of maintaining this relationship seem astronomical.  Just when they think they have solved these minor problems, new ones seem to pop up.  Will they survive a Long Distance Romance?

Eliza is from the Midwestern United States, Wisconsin.  Independent, a business woman who has finally achieved her dream.  She is determined to fulfill and continue to live this dream when in walks a woman that knocks the old dreams out of her head for new ones.  Will she someday have the woman of her dreams?  Should she abandon that what she knows for the unknown?  Can she have what she knows she wants?

Krystal is from Austria.  Rich, cultured, and bored; she has seen everything and done everything.  A side trip on another trip to the United States proves to be interesting when she walks into Eliza’s store and is knocked on her back side by the feelings that this woman provokes.  The distance thing is easy to someone who owns a jet but even she has responsibilities back home.  Will she be able to have this woman she has fallen so deeply in love with?  A woman who fascinates her, intrigues her, and challenges everything she is?  Even if all her dreams come true, is it enough to keep them together?








“Regular” sized Paperback


3 thoughts on “Long Distance Romance LARGE PRINT

  1. Reblogged this on Shadoe Publishing and commented:
    WHY Large PRINT? Why not? There is a large section of the WORLD Population who can’t read the small print in most books nowadays. Why not buy a tablet (nook, kindle, other)? Some people (I know I am one of them, LOVE LOVE LOVE the feel of a book in their hands. From the crisp clean pages, to the smell of a freshly opened book, to the weight of it as you turn the pages, desperately waiting to find out what is going to happen next! By the time you read this, K’Anne Meinel will have THREE LARGE PRINT books out, this one included and with a segment of the world population who also ENJOYS a good romance, a LESBIAN romance, there is more to offer her readers and potential readers! Give it a look-see!

  2. To me, a long distance relationship means I’m upstairs and she’s in the yard within sight of my window. So, I’m intrigued and will get my friend who owns a bookstore on it at once.

    • kannemeinel says:

      Lol, thank you! It’s available as both a LARGE PRINT book and a ‘normal’ sized book. I hesitate to call ANY book normal since to me the large print ones are just oversized delights!

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