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Why the name TIMED ROMANCE?  Many relationships are a matter of timing.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  In this case fate keeps casting these characters together and life keeps pulling them apart until they think they have the timing right.  Lots of twists and turns and simply life getting in the way of their love and what they want.  Really that is the point though, life is not simple, and it’s a matter of a delicate balance of timing.  If you meet someone at a particular time in your life they may or may not be important to you at that time and that may change later on, all due to timing.

Did you base your characters on anyone in particular?  I have a mental image of someone that they remind me of and describe them for myself and my readers to picture them.  Sometimes I use someone I’ve met, someone famous, an actress or model but the personality, the character themselves, that is usually pure fiction.  Occasionally I will use a friend or acquaintance who doesn’t realize they have become a part of my story.

Is any of the drama part of your own life?  Yes to a degree we all have been a victim of bad timing.  That first relationship or that first love, that one person we can’t get out of mind and move on mentally from for a long time if ever.  I have fond memories of my first love and I used that here to describe some of the feelings and situations they both might encounter.

Have you been to the places that you describe in your story?  No, not yet.  I made these up based on pictures, ideas, and my own imagination.  Someday I hope to travel to the general locations that I described in the story, I wonder how accurate I was, but then the reader has their own interpretation of what I’m describing so whether you’ve been there or not you have a place in mind.

How long did you research the story?  I started it a year ago and wrote about 75% of it before losing interest and putting it aside.  I always knew approximately where the story was going but didn’t touch it again until this spring (2013).  It surprised even me though as the story changed from my original plan.  The characters had changed from what they were originally going to do, perhaps I changed and as a result the story changed.

Do your stories always end up like you plan?  No, almost never.  I make general outlines, have an idea of where the story is going to go but my moods, watching a movie, reading a book, even a casual conversation can alter where the story is going, not on a whim but more as it takes on a life of its own.

You seem to be a very prolific writer, any comments?  Yes, I’m writing continuously it seems but really I just get these spurts of creativity that I capitalize on when the mood strikes me.  It may seem that I’m releasing several novels, novellas, or short stories at a time but sometimes I’ve been working on them or started them long ago and just so happened to finish them at the same time.  I get writers block even though I have dozens of stories on my word processor at any given moment in various stages of completion.  I wouldn’t really call it ‘writer’s block’ really, more like writers ennui; I just don’t ‘feel’ like writing for a period of time.  Perseverance, determination, and sometimes just sheer will power overcome that and at other times something or someone ‘inspires’ me to write and write and write!

You made a video of this book this time, what determines when you do make one or don’t?  Sometimes I see pictures that I need to help me develop the story.  In this case because I hadn’t traveled to the locations except in my mind it helped to write the story.  In fact the video is designed to build expectation, anticipation of a Timed Romance.  One of the last pictures in the video of the two women in the library inspired one of the last scenes in the book.  Those who read it will recognize the similarities that I described.

What would you like the reader to take away from your story?  That there is always hope, we all keep it in the back of our minds, in the depths of our heart and soul.  Not every romance is destined to die or fade out but not every romance is meant to be found again either.  Always remember the good times and try to think positively about the person you’ve loved (even if they DON’T deserve it! It makes you a better person and you know you learned something from the romance).  There is a time and place for every love even if you can’t see it at that moment.




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  2. Elizabeth Riggin says:

    I just wanted to say. I look forward to reading this heartfelt story. I enjoyed the video very much.

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