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A short excerpt of the incredible book:

They walked back to the hotel in good spirits.  The second bottle of wine hadn’t fully taken effect.  They were relaxed from the first bottle and the good food and enjoying each other’s company, laughing and teasing as they walked along.  As Karin unlocked her door she pushed it open to let Cassie walk in before her and flipped the switch to turn on the light on the desk.  Cassie walked in and turned to say something but Karin never gave her the chance as she pushed against her, taking her in her arms and kissing her deeply.

Cassie immediately responded, her own arms came around Karin to hold her close.  Her body instantly responded, she had fantasized about this woman for so long monopolizing every waking moment.  She began to remove the suit jacket that Karin was wearing as Karin kicked off her shoes.  Karin removed the jean jacket that Cassie was wearing over her T-Shirt.  Her kisses were passionate and unending, they were both surging against the other, barely moving far enough apart to let the jackets fall to the floor.  Karin’s hands started caressing through the thin T-Shirt as she pulled Cassie as close to her body as she could get her.  Her breath was coming in gasps.  Cassie started to unbutton Karin’s blouse as she pulled it from the waist band of her skirt.  Karin found the bottom of the T-Shirt and her hands began to go up and inside, coming in contact with the smooth skin of her back had Cassie arching against her.  She slowly peeled the shirt up her body not wanting to lose contact but having to step back to pull it up and over her head.  Cassie threw it aside to return her hands to the buttons on Karin’s blouse, it was soon unbuttoned and Cassie tried to take it off Karin’s shoulder’s only to have it get caught at the wrists with more buttons that Karin made short work of.  She threw her blouse on a chair as they faced each other bra to bra, jeans to skirt and collided into each other’s arms.  Cassie had fists full of Karin’s long auburn hair and Karin plunged her own fingers through Cassie’s blonde brown curly locks.  Their kisses tasted of the wine they had both consumed, it relaxed them, it heightened the feelings they had both held in check for so long, and it released inner urges that they didn’t have to stop anymore.

Cassie’s hands tried to find the snap to Karin’s skirt and not finding it easily she reached down and began raising the skirt encountering nylon enclosed skin on her legs.  Karin hissed her appreciation of the sensation as Cassie caressed her legs.  Karin’s own hands began an assault on first Cassie’s back to find the clasp to her dainty little bra that barely held in her assets and then to release it.  Her fingertips caressed along the lines that the garment had made enclosing her breasts, massaging and caressing the skin.  She palmed first one breast and then the other relishing the gasp that Cassie made in appreciation of the sensation.  When Cassie reached the juncture of where Karin’s legs came together and couldn’t get the skirt any higher she used her palm to press against this V and Karin moaned loudly in response.  She reached for Cassie’s jeans snap and zipper and soon had them open.  Cassie was writhing against Karin feeling so good at the sensations Karin was causing.  She really wanted to feel skin against skin.  She didn’t want to lose time or waste space by parting to get clothes off of each other but she was given no choice.  She stood there as Karin peeled her jeans off of her ass and let gravity drop them to the floor; she was left with only her panties which were rapidly becoming wet in their exertions.  It wasn’t fair, Karin still had on her bra and skirt and Cassie set about correcting that finding the front clasp of the bra and divesting Karin of it.  She was pleased to see her ample breasts spill out into her hands.  The skirt was annoying her but she used her hand to find the top of the nylons as she reached up the skirt and begin peeling those down, she couldn’t get far without releasing Karin as they were so tight to her legs, she only got them partially down before she had to pull away.  She was breathing hard, panting from their kisses and exertions.  Karin had a hooded eye look to her and Cassie’s eyes almost glowed in their intensity.  Karin tried to pull her close again but Cassie said “no, your clothes” before letting herself be kissed again.

Karin reached for her own belt to her skirt and released it as well as the snap at the back that was hidden under the belt.  She whipped the belt through the loops and hissed when the leather hit her arm painfully.  She didn’t care; she wanted to be naked and next to this woman desperately.  The skirt pooled at her feet and she stepped nimbly out of it but was hobbled by her nylons.  “Hang on” she breathed as she sat on the edge of the bed to remove them and her panties at the same time.  Once her toes were out of each she found herself straddled and born backwards against the bed.  “Hold it” she breathed as she encouraged Cassie to inch up the bed to the pillows with her before she pulled down the bedspread and blankets to get them between the sheets.  It wasn’t easy as they both didn’t wish to stop touching, kissing, and fondling.

Once the bed was in proper order they fell on each other, caressing, loving, kissing, and fondling to their hearts content.  Karin didn’t let Cassie get the upper hand but knowing her personality Cassie let her ‘go first’ as it were and give her extreme pleasure, first by going down on her and teasing her clit mercilessly, and then by talking dirty to her and then proving that she could do what she talked about.  Karin didn’t talk like that normally but to hear the dirty words in their love play excited Cassie beyond reason.  Being told that she was going to ‘fuck her brain’s out’ did something to her.  And after having several orgasms she couldn’t help but tell Karin that she loved her.  She didn’t know she had even as she enjoyed the orgasms so much that Karin gave her.  She realized shortly after that she said her deepest thoughts and wondered at Karin’s response.  Karin had only increased her lovemaking if that were possible and shown her with her body how much she cared.  Cassie was amazed and pleasantly surprised that the older Karin could not only keep up but was inventive and had a stamina that matched her own.  Her passions which she never let on about were incredible.  Cassie was made breathless time and again as Karin took her to heights she had never achieved with other lovers.  Cassie could only hope to return the favor, however feebly she felt her attempts were.


2 thoughts on “#7 on AMAZON see what YOU are MISSING!

  1. elizabeth gajewski riggin says:

    Wow! This was just a teaser. A perfect story to read before going to bed. I can’t wait to read the whole book. This author is amazing.

  2. Elizabeth Riggin says:

    I can see that this story will leave you breathless. It definatelly will be a page turner.

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