I would like to thank EVERYONE who participated in our FREE giveaway of author’s books, novels, and novella’s.  I hope everyone found a new author that they loved.  Be sure after you have read the work that you go back and leave a comment, good book, didn’t like, whatever, it does help the author and the book, good and bad!  You don’t have to wax poetically to let them know you liked it and why or hated it and why.  Constructive criticism is a good way to let them know, rave about it if you loved it, but show your appreciation that they took the time to write it!

We were thinking of doing this again, many of us writers got favorable impressions, increased ‘friends’ on Facebook, twitter, blogs, etc and that’s the whole point, exposing other authors, readers, etc.  I myself found a couple I enjoyed!

Chime in!  734545_540955652590869_686328392_n


One thought on “THANK YOU

  1. okfemail says:

    Thanks, K’Anne

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