WHY is leaving a REVIEW so important


To most, reading a book is just a delightful time, hopefully from an author they enjoy that can take them to places and times they might not visit any other way.  Have you considered leaving them a little word letting them and others know how much you enjoyed their work, their idea, their creation?  It’s certainly not mandatory but it is polite.  Even a bad review now and then can be taken by most authors and put to good use.  We are all human and need some of this feedback to know that we are ‘doing a good job’ and that our readers appreciate us.  It also helps the next person who might not know this author but the topic sounds good, lets go read the reviews and see what others are saying.  No reviews, no feedback, and they might pass on what would have been a good fit for what they were looking for.

Now I wouldn’t BEG for a review, if you hated what I or others wrote certainly pass on this invitation but if you truly liked the book, think of the work and time the author put into it.  I know I have a loyal following of readers, I frequently chat with them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.  They tell me they love my latest offering and let’s face it, I’m human, I’m stoked that they appreciate it.  I frequently ask that they go back and write a review.  Some are shy about it, I get that, it’s not like you are going to be tested on what you say.  A simple ‘I liked it’ or ‘I loved it’ or even a ‘I would recommend this’ and maybe why would help the next reader enormously.

Another thing that it does do, depending on where the review is left is the ranking that an author gets.  This is important to get more readers, fans, and eventually money.  Believe me when I say if you went into writing for the money, you were deluded.  I do it because I have stories in my head to share and fortunately people want to READ said stories.  The awards I get are rewards, monetarily are nice, but the accolades, the reviews, the emails, the ‘atta girls’ are what does it for me.  Knowing I took you out of time or place and you enjoyed it, that does it for me.  So if you’ve got a spare minute after you have read mine or other’s stories, think about giving them a pat on the back to let them and future readers know, it was worth the read!

K’Anne Meinel  www.kannemeinel.com


2 thoughts on “WHY is leaving a REVIEW so important

  1. Terryb says:

    I’d just like to say that some people are put off writing reviews because of the way authors, other reviewers and readers get on their backs about their reviews at times.
    I write a fair amount of reviews, I’ve also received a fair amount of nasty and spiteful emails and also comments on Amazon.
    The only reason at the moment I keep writing reviews is the nice emails and comments I get outweigh the nasty ones. If that should ever change, I won’t be writing reviews anymore either.

  2. ioniamartin says:

    I would have to agree with your post and also with Terryb. I have also received some nasty comments from other reviewers, but I try to let it roll off my back. My review is as much for the others who will potentially read the book I am reviewing as for the author, and I feel constructive criticism can be useful. I always feel I should leave a review, whether I enjoyed the book or not, but that I should use the same courtesy I would with any person I know or don’t know. I try to leave reviews that are helpful in at least some way. I will continue to leave reviews for the books I read regardless of what other reviewers think. It’s the least I can do for someone who works so hard to produce my entertainment. Great blog by the way:)

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