Technology is Conspiring to annoy me

From the laptop of: K’Anne Meinel, published author, entrepreneur, and all around nice lesbian chick!

Have you ever wondered how much we depend on our technology?  I mean we have smart phones, we have laptops, we even have smart cars.  They do a lot for us and we take it for granted.  I grew up in the 70’s and I thought by now we would be living like the Jetson’s.  Imagine my disappointment that we are not, there are robo vacuum cleaners, there are even robo lawn mowers, but ‘Rosie’ the robot isn’t quite what they had in mind in the cartoon as of yet.  We are still waiting but then if it came about too fast it would be overwhelming.  If you run out of air in your hover car then you really would be screwed, you’d have to (gasp) walk or something.  You could call someone on your ‘smart’ phone to come bring you some air for your hydro-jet vehicle or whatever we expected to have by now.  But seriously, in an age where technology is changing quickly and we come to rely on it heavily it’s amazing how frustrated, angry, or disgusted we become with it when it just doesn’t work.

Recently I have been experiencing difficulty with Skype, I use it every day for business meetings, talking with fans, and seeing my girlfriend who happens to be a Long Distance Relationship.  So it was/is important to me that it works correctly.  When it began to have ‘bugs’ I tolerated it thinking, oh, it’s temporary and will fix itself in no time.  One week later though it hadn’t.  I tried unloading it from the laptop and from the smart phone before reloading.  It worked for about a day and then would still screw up.  I lost my contacts, couldn’t see my girlfriend, and couldn’t get any customer service from Skype because apparently they want you to find the problem that others may be having that might be similar in their forums.  This too proved impossible and annoying.  I even tried making a new account but somewhere despite cleaning my system it hid software and could sense my old screen name and data and the bugs.  So after many attempts to reach Skype I went with another service.

Even more recently I’ve been experiencing problems with Facebook.  Now Facebook is an excellent social medium as is Twitter and the others.  I’m not having trouble with the others.  We have all noticed that Facebook has been tweaking things behind the scenes.  It would be nice if they lived by the idiom: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  Cause I no longer can post things as often as I do (some might like this) but it freezes up continually when I try to post.  Occasionally it gives me hope when one thing posts but then rips that hope from my chest by freezing up on the next thing I attempt to post, even if it’s the same darn thing I JUST posted!  Facebook has gotten so large they of course have automated responses when you report glitches if you know how to report them.  So nothing but frustration there.

We all know that technology isn’t perfect but isn’t it amazing how we react when it simply doesn’t work right?  When there is a bug on your laptop, malware being secretly down loaded, and other things bombarding your systems constantly.  It’s enough to make a person believe in conspiracy theories.  That’s a good concept for a story, if I could write it, but unfortunately I have to go feed the bugs in my system…


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