Stolen work and copyright infringement

Today I woke to an email from another author and fan who informed me of a seller on ebay who had appropriated my work, ten pieces of my work actually, and was selling it on ebay.  I then proceeded to contact ebay in several different ways to have them remove this ‘product’ that this individual had no rights to.  I am giving you ALL the information to caution you about this ‘seller’ in Australia whose ‘store’ is selling the works of other writers and their intellectual property, profitting, and giving the author’s no compensation.  It is hard enough to write a story that appeals to your fans but to have someone blatantly steal your hard work is horrible.  It’s NOT the FIRST time this has happened, it won’t be the last, and it certainly isn’t the FIRST time this ‘seller’ has done this.  Please be aware of his vagrant theft.

Name of the seller: ptolemyone

I would appreciate EVERYONE who reads this to reblog THIS blog and OUT this vagrant violation of copyright laws.


14 thoughts on “Stolen work and copyright infringement

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  2. Reblogged this on Butch Ramblings and commented:
    This is a HUGE issue. K’Anne is a friend of mine and her work was stolen by this jerk. Almost all the stuff on this site was bootlegged. Help us get this Ebay seller shut-down!! Indie authors don’t make much money as it is, much less with this sort of stuff going on!!

  3. A. Wrighton says:

    This is horrible. I’ll pass the message along. Have you had ebay send that user a cease and desist? Have you warned ebay they will get a cease and desist letter containing your registries for your works? Ugh! I can’t imagine what you’re going through… so infuriating. I’d slam that user and ebay with everything I have. Good luck!

  4. Neal Ranzoni says:

    K’Anne Meinel Author A fan/fellow writer emailed me this morning, read the blog
    9 minutes ago · Like
    K’Anne Meinel Author I am turning this into a positive thing but STILL everyone should be aware of it
    7 minutes ago · Like
    Neal Ranzoni Yea we see you are. You have a chance for a Butt ton of Publicity if we share this with our readers. That`s a good thing for you I agree. The Honest thing to do would be to contact ebay and paypal since that is where he gets paid. But instead you want me throwing your name at my readers. I think I will pass.
    3 minutes ago · Like

    • kannemeinel says:

      I have contacted E-Bay as that IS the correct thing to do. I have also contacted Amazon and Smashworks where my work has been sold. I merely wanted to get the word out there but I understand if you think I am doing this ONLY for the publicity which I am not. I think flagrant theft such as this should NOT go rewarded and he has done it to others and should be stopped.

    • Trin says:

      Neal, if you see this as a publicity gimmick that therein lies the problem. What she has done along with the rest of us authors who are happily getting the word out, is to spotlight a very big problem in our industry and bring an awareness to a problem that most fans don’t know all of us authors have to deal with on a continuous basis. I deal with this crap weekly and I’m happy to post and get the word out about it. We need our fans to work with us in order to stop low-life criminals like this guy from profiting through theft and that is what he did, he stole K’Anne’s work and that is a crime!

  5. Laura McCabe says:

    Neal, it appears to me that K’Anne has followed the right procedure and simply wanted to warn other people what this Ebay seller is doing. Whether she is a Lesbian or not has nothing to do with someone stealing her work and reselling it. Her rights are protected the same as anyone else’s should be. Copyright is Copyright whether you are gay or straight!

  6. annerallen says:

    Piracy is a big, big problem for authors. If it’s happening in places where Amazon isn’t available, most people say to ignore it–pirated ebooks are the only kind they can buy in most of Africa and South America. But ebay is a US company, so you ought to be able to get it taken down pretty quick with a C & D letter. Some authors just ignore it–say it’s like giving freebies on KDP Select and maybe you’ll get more fans.

    But I think you’re doing the right thing to try to stop it. I had somebody impersonate me with a fake Facebook site claiming to be me this week. I don’t think they were trying to make money off of it, but it was seriously creepy. I reported it and the page was taken down within the hour.

  7. teemtwo says:

    This is ridiculous. Ebay should ban his account. This is the one downfall to ebooks. Thanks for the heads up! Shared on my FB page & I will be sharing on my blog as well.

  8. Reblogged this on Vulnerable Verbiage and commented:
    This is just wrong on so many levels. Granted I don’t care for a profit on my writing. However, it’s just wrong to take someone else’s talent and claim it as your own to make a buck! WRONG! WRONG!

  9. Reblogged, Darlin’! Keepin’ eye out for the little terd! 😉

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