Lesbian Couple Under Siege Flee African Country


By Melanie Nathan, September 25, 2012

Today a lesbian couple from Africa will arrive in a foreign country with a couple of hundred dollars and two pieces of luggage to their name. That is enough money to survive for a few nights.  They ran for their lives. Literally!

Until they are safe and their escape complete, I cannot reveal the names of the couple, and so will refer to them as Mari and Cara. Their government considers them criminals, just because they love each other. I cannot name their country of origin or reveal their destination, at this time. But will in due course,

When they are safe and secure I plan to publicize their entire story and it is an horrific account of being a young lesbian couple in an African country where being lesbian or gay is criminalized.

We all know that our LGBTI sisters are persecuted in…

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