This Saturday – Two New Books Launch!

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Butch Ramblings


Are you ready? “Butch Sexology 2 – The REALLY Naught Stuff”  will be available THIS WEEKEND! Watch my Facebook page closely for exact details. If you read the first book, then you know what hot, sexy erotica awaits for you to feast your eyes (and other things) upon.  However, I have a surprise in store for my readers!

If you weren’t able to get in on “Butch Sexology – Tales From the Erotic Zone” for whatever reason, now, you can get BOTH books in ONE VOLUME! That’s right…I’m going to release a special copy of BOTH books in one volume! Both books will be available at the same time on Kindle, with paperbacks being ready with a few days after the Kindle version hits markets.

Even more amazing, you’ll be able to purchase the Kindle edition of either book for only $2.99 or you can get BOTH in one volume…

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